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Around Chicago, and elsewhere

M.L.B.’s Good-Will Tour of Cuba Is Hardly the Last Word

Traveled with MLB's delegation, including four Cuban ballplayers who were allowed to return home, to Cuba.

Cubs’ Last Link to a World Series

A visit to Boston to find Lennie Merullo, the last living Cub to appear in a World Series

The Pride of Wichita State, Whatever it May Actually Be

Tracing the evolution of WuShock, college sports’ best mascot

For Baseball Old-Timer, Numbers Aren’t the Story

White Sox announcer Ken Harrelson really hates analytics

How the National Anthem Turned Into a Blackhawks Rallying Cry

Where did one of hockey’s most venerable traditions come from?

Studying X’s, O’s and the Torah

Profile of Aaron Liberman, an Orthodox Jewish basketball player at Northwestern

Friendship as Priceless as the National Pastime

Two best friends with Hall of Fame husbands looking back at a lifetime of baseball and more


On college sports and the changing face of the N.C.A.A.

Football Major, Basketball Minor?

Examined whether college athletes deserve academic credit for playing sports

N.C.A.A. Must Allow Colleges to Pay Athletes, Judge Rule

News story on the historic ruling that struck down the N.C.A.A.’s amateurism defense

N.C.A.A. Deal Revamps Head Injury Care

Broke the news of the N.C.A.A.’s proposed concussion settlement

After the Game, Reality Sinks in for a Lineman

Spent a day in Berkeley with former Cal player Kendrick Payne, now a Lyft driver

Face of the N.C.A.A., Battered Early and Often

Profile of N.C.A.A. Prez Mark Emmert ahead of the O’Bannon trial

A Fight to Keep College Athletes from the Pain of Injury Costs

A study of some of the long-term health issues faced by some former college athletes

At Northwestern, a Blitz to Defeat an Effort to Unionize

An inside look at the school’s push to win the vote

Fault Lines Appear at Northwestern Over Union Vote

Reported on the fractured opinions around campus with the football team’s union vote looming

The Big Ten’s Bigger Footprint

The rise of the big business of the Big Ten and commissioner Jim Delany

Booster Proud of His Largess and Game-Day Parties

A former booster dishes about what he calls the good old days


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